Ever After in Vilastoria

Welcome to Vilastoria! Enjoy some of your favorite fairytales intertwined with Greek, Norse, and Roman myths in this series of stand alone stories.

An intertwined retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses and of Hades and Persephone.

An unwanted proposal. An unexpected curse. Will Rayna, and her eleven sisters ever be free of the Dark King and his eternal dance?

Rayna is not usually the boldest of her sisters. However, when her eldest sister, Faelynn, seems ready to abandon her own happily ever after and accept the Dark King’s proposal, Rayna knows she must act and take drastic measures before someone gets hurt. Measures that just might cost her her heart.

Drake’s reputation as the Dark King precedes him—a reputation he doesn’t quite deserve. When the opportunity arises, Drake seizes the chance to barter for Princess Faelynn’s hand. Weaving his magic, he establishes a weekly ball to court his intended. After six months of rejection, something must change. He never anticipated finding Princess Rayna in his castle disrupting his quiet life.

Will he change directions and acknowledge his heart before it is too late? Or will he live up to his reputation as the Dark King, shattering more than one happily ever after?

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An intertwined retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and of Orpheus and Eurydice

Stolen magic. Broken trust. Can love save Rafe and Mira from being consumed by the wolf’s deception? Or is it all ready too late?

Coming summer of 2022!

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