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A Villain’s Ever After

In 2019 I had the amazing opportunity to team up with eleven other authors to create a twisted fairytale series where the traditional villain is instead the hero of the tale. What a blessing it was to have this series to look forward to publishing in 2021 and to get to work with this group of amazing authors during a world-wide pandemic. What a blessing to have the friendship of these fabulous women when everyone was feeling isolated and alone. We were there for each other supporting and learning from each of our experiences and talents. And even more amazing still, I was blessed to have this experience as I launched my debut novel The Dark King and the Eternal Dance.

Even villains need a happily ever after

What if the enchantress fell in love with the beast? or the sea witch wasn’t so evil? Suppose the sorcerer won the swan princess’s heart? “A Villain’s Ever After” will take you to places where wishes really do come true… from a certain point of view. Except the unexpected as we fall in love with the villains who might not be the “bad guy” after all. Featuring twelve short novels full of magic, romance and adventure, you’ll see villains in a while new light. Who said said villains can’t have happily ever afters?

The Beast and the Enchantress by Camille Peters

If there’s one thing Astrid, an aspiring enchantress, has learned throughout her studies, it’s that magic must only be used for good. But when an egocentric prince breaks her sister’s heart, Astrid’s only focus is revenge, and what better way to enact it than with a well-chosen curse?

A simple incantation is all it takes to transform the arrogant prince’s appearance to match the state of his heart. But something goes wrong, causing the spell to affect not only the prince, but its caster as well. 

The Sultan and the Storyteller by Lichelle Slater

For thirty-nine nights, the sultan of Zunbar has chosen a new wife.
For thirty-nine dawns, they are pronounced dead.

When Sultan Zayne summons my best friend to be taken as his newest victim, I can no longer pretend to be blind and volunteer in her stead. My only plan–weave a story each night and hopefully learn why he would kill in the first place.

Bluebeard and the Outlaw by Tara Grayce

Marriage: the ultimate heist.

Robin of the Greenwood spends her days robbing from the rich to feed the poor. With her knowledge of the fae paths, she eludes all attempts to capture her. But she and her merry band of brothers never seem to get anywhere. The more she steals, the more the evil Duke Guy “Bluebeard” taxes the villagers.

When Robin discovers that Duke Guy plans to marry yet again, she conceives a plan for a final, big score. As Guy’s wife, she will have access to his wealth. The lord is notorious for killing his wives shortly after he marries them, but Robin has no plans to be dead wife number four.

The Stepsister and the Slipper by Nina Clare

What if the prince fell in love with the stepsister?

Lady Charlotte needs a rich husband, and fast. Good thing she has plenty of beauty and charm, with no foolish ideas of love to get in the way of her plans. When the chance to catch the wealthiest, most eligible bachelor in the kingdom appears, she will do everything in her power to win such a prize; even if she must break a few hearts along the way. But in the end, it is her own heart that’s troubled. Perhaps true love really does exist, but if so, it’s not with the man she has caught…

The Goblin and the Dancer by Allison Tebo

Grik the goblin spends his days as a janitor cleaning the Metropolitan Dance Hall, drawn to the Elvish world and tired of the darkness of his underground home. He secretly pines for the ballet company’s lead dancer, Rosanna, but his own ugliness and shyness stand in the way of confessing his love.

When a handsome soldier named Paul appears on the scene to make a bid for Rosanna’s affections, Grik’s jealousy bubbles over and he commits the unthinkable, plunging all of them into the river and down into the depths of the earth.

Hansel and the Gingerbread Queen by Lea Doué 

No matter how the sugar sparkles, never sample the sweets.

Evony is the daughter of a witch, with all of her reputation but none of her powers. She’s spent her whole life in the heart of the forest, safe from outsiders in a wondrous candy cottage as dangerous as it is beautiful. Kept company by a trio of tiny companions—a loyal gingerbread dragon and two mischievous brownies—Evony’s one desire is to find a place in the human world. But first, she must find a way to undo her mother’s spells and free the poor souls who fell to temptation. Only two obstacles stand in her way. A traveler with distracting molasses-brown eyes, and the one creation the witch left behind with the power to stop her: the gingerbread man.

The Dark King and the Eternal Dance by Alesha Adamson

An unwanted proposal. An unexpected curse. Will Rayna, and her eleven sisters ever be free of the Dark King and this eternal dance?

Rayna is not usually the boldest of her sisters. However, when her eldest sister, Faelynn, seems ready to abandon her own happily ever after and accept the Dark King’s proposal, Rayna knows she must act and take drastic measures before someone gets hurt. Measures that just might cost her her heart.

Gothel and the Maiden Prince by W.R. Gingell

Deep in the forest, far from the light, a sorceress with magic of the blackest kind keeps prisoner the princess she stole away years ago. From time to time, a prince will come to challenge her, but by and large, life is peaceful for Gothel. And that’s just the way she likes it.

She’s not prepared for the earnest young prince who seems more determined to talk her to death than challenge her to a duel of magic; nor, having tricked him into a battle of questions, is she expecting him to show more interest in her than the tower-bound princess.

The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess by Lucy Tempest

A usurped princess. A mercenary sorcerer. A fate neither expected.

As a crown princess, Ava has always anticipated betrayals—but never from her own twin. The unspeakable treachery comes the night Ava meets her true love, when Lina hires the infamous sorcerer, Lord Von Rothbart, to turn Ava into a swan, and takes her place.

The Baker and the Wolf by J.M. Stengl

A mysterious stranger, an enchantress grandmother, and an overprotective mother. Can Cerise trust any of them?

Cerise DuBois might as well be invisible. Not even her scarlet cloak attracts male interest, and her mother begins to despair of snaring a husband for a boring middle daughter with no magic ability. If not for her baking talents, Cerise would be a hopeless burden on the family.

The Prince and the Sea Witch by A.G. Marshall

All mermaids long for the magic of a human soul. Briony won’t drown sailors to get it.

She makes potions instead, earning a reputation as a witch and becoming a social outcast. When a little mermaid asks for a potion that can reunite her with the human she loves, Briony reluctantly agrees.

But there is more to the mermaid’s plan than a quest for love. The more Briony interacts with the human prince the mermaid wants to claim, the more she suspects that he never loved the little mermaid at all.

Carabosse and the Spindle Spell by Silva Mercedes

Shy but magically talented, Princess Carabosse only wants to help her people as they face the looming threat of the Warlock King and his daughter, Aurora. Aurora was gifted from infancy with fairy blessings that make her the most lethal magic-user the world has seen in centuries . . . and she wants Cara’s kingdom.

The only hope for fighting off this deadly threat is the loyalty of the twelve Dragon Lords. They have sworn allegiance to the Briar Crown. But when the crown falls into Aurora’s clutches, who will the dragons serve?

Happy Reading

Alesha Adamson

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